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If you think that you don't have enough skills, time, or both, for cooking healthy homemade food like Mediterranean summer vegetables side dishes ? Think again!!

My passion for cooking started somewhere in University when I basically had no money, but I had a healthy appetite and absolutely no time for preparing my meals. I was a registered nurse student, so eating junk wasn't an option! I had to find a solution and fast!

I was new to the food preparation world and because of that, I had a small advantage over professional cooks. I didn't know any rules about cooking or flavor compatibility. It means that I had no prejudice about "what ingredients I should put together, or if it is a big no no in a culinary world". So the only tools I had were my taste buds, creativity and have I mentioned - no budget!

Since my early childhood I've been exposed to various interesting and different cuisines. I always loved to travel and later on in university I also became very passionate about food. For me those two are a perfect combination. Every place I visit, I always have to explore local markets, local ingredients, local cuisines and local unique tastes. That exposure is leading me through my life and inspiring me every day, over and over again, in my cooking.

My inspiration in the kitchen comes from worldwide cuisines like American, Canadian, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, English, Greek, Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc. etc. you name it.

My approach to food preparation is simple:

  • First of all, it should be quick and easy recipes.
  • Second, it should be made with ingredients that are good for you.
  • Third, it must be cheap recipes.
  • And fourth, it should be with "Twist"....

The fun part about my cooking is the fact that there are no absolute rules (except safety) about recipes, there are only general guidelines. I am a true believer in healthy lifestyle and cooking with healthy and natural ingredients without any artificial colors or flavors, and I know for a fact that it's possible even if you are on a budget.

I encourage everyone to be creative with their food. I will give tons of practical cooking tips and shortcuts to how to make my quick and easy recipes much more easier, quicker and cheaper. And never forget each of my easy recipes will be with the most flavorful “Twist”!

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easy recipes Cheers,
Victoria Paikin

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