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Coking appliances

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Mary D. Curran

Mary D. Curran is a professional chef with few bestsellers cookbooks. She decided to create this blog and share her love of cooking with the World. She is planning on opening her first restaurant.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine has roots in many regions of China, and it is an important part of the culture. This type of cuisine influenced by many others in Asia. Chinese cuisine is famous for its use of spices that are very characteristic. Here, you will find recipes for some of the classic like roast duck and Chinese noodles.

French cuisine

French cuisine is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. It had influenced on many other cuisines and today is one of the most recognizable. Learn how to make traditional French recipes with a modern twist. Serve them with French wine and cheese which are a necessity when making these recipes.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cousin is very popular around the world, and for a good reason. All that pasta and pizzas that we love comes from Italia. Find here how to make a perfect pasta dish, famous Italian pizza or nation’s best- baklava. We will give you few easy tips to master Italian cousin.


Quick Easy Beef Recipes

Quick Easy Beef Recipes

Beef is one of my all times favorite meats and the best part is that there are plenty of easy beef recipes. Beef meat has a quite dominant flavor. To reach the optimal taste in recipes, you have to incorporate that flavor into the dish. In fact, it’s much easier than you can imagine.

There are so many interesting and delicious recipes for making beef. You can add some vegetables and make it a full meal. This is so tasty meat, and it will incorporate with every side dish. You can cook it in the oven, grill it or even fry it in the pan.

delicious recipes for making beef

Beef meat has different parts. Different parts of beef suitable for different recipes. In each recipe, I’ll mention which part of beef you should buy, so it we’ll be the most suitable and tasty for that dish.

Money wise: the priciest part of beef, like prime rib, is suitable for barbecuing or grilling.

Cheap, quick, easy dinner recipes can be made from other parts of beef that contain more connective tissues. Those parts are always one of the cheapest. Connective tissues in the beef bring lots of flavor and moisture into the dishes that require long preparation time.

Easy recipes for ground beef are one of the most popular, easy and cheap beef recipes ever.

The best example for time and money savings, are easy slow cooker recipes that you can do in no time.

And don’t you ever forget your puppies. You can easily make your dog food at home. For recipes and suggestions visit easy dog recipes easy dog recipes.

The flavorful and healthy “Twist” as I promised, will come in every one of budget-friendly recipes. In each beef recipe, I will give a time saver “Twist” or/and budget-friendly “Twist.” You can read more general time and budget-saving tips for coking here.


Eating healthy and how to manage it

Eating healthy and how to manage it

Today it is not that easy to be on the right track with your nutrition. We are always surrounded by diverse food that is so tasteful, but not too good for us. It is hard to resist temptations, especially when everybody around us indulges in junk food. Of course once a week you can have a cheat day which won’t hurt your process, but how to manage other six days of the week.

The best tip we can give you is to prepare and cook meals at home, and then take it wherever you go. This way when sugar in your body falls, you won’t be tempted to reach for junk food. Maybe it would be a little unusual, especially when in the lunch break everybody goes to a restaurant or cafeteria. But don’t worry, you are doing something that is good for you, and your health.

What to prepare for breakfast?

When rushing to the work early in the morning, you need to make something which won’t take a lot of your time. You can always prepare breakfast day before if you don’t want to waste time. Fruit and oat meal is always a good option, it will give you energy that you need to get through lunch, but also you will not intake a lot of calories.

You can also combine fruit with chai seeds and toast. Banana is a safe option, so as red fruit. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins and low calories. Smoothies are also healthy and nutritious option for breakfast. There are easy to make, and you can just put yogurt or milk in the blender, with the fruit that you like. Blende in, and bring it to work.

What to prepare for lunch?

After your nice and healthy breakfast, you look at the clock, and it is time for lunch. Where did the time go? Just take the delicious lunch that you made the day before, and enjoy it. Chicken meat is the way to go if you are aware of calories that you are taking. Choose chicken breast rather than a chicken drumstick; they are healthier for you. Add some delicious vegetables like pees, broccoli, potatoes, green beans and black beans. Just make sure to have fresh salad on the side. Don’t fry the chicken, because you need to avoid anything greasy, and just put it in the oven to bake.

What to prepare for lunch?

What to prepare for dinner?

It was a long day at work, you have gotten home, and it is time to think what to eat for dinner. Because you are home for dinner, you can add a little more effort in preparing meals. So our advice is to go for the fish. Season it in any way you want, add a few vegetables and put it in the oven. After 45 minutes your dinner would be ready, and you can enjoy delicious dinner that you made. Have some fresh salad on the side, and your meal is done.

What to prepare for dinner?


Lunch on budget with only a few ingredients

Lunch on budget with only a few ingredients

It is possible to make lunch on a tight budget that tastes delicious. You will only need few ingredients, and when you serve your meal, nobody will notice the difference. It will taste like a meal that just came from a five stars restaurant. Almost entire family budgets go on food if you include dinning out. But you can easily avoid that by cooking meals at home. We will give you few tips have to make delicious lunch with few basic ingredients.


What will you need?

The main thing is to have a passion for cooking, if you do so, everything that you make will taste great. Most of the ingredients you probably have at home, but if not, go to the supermarket and buy basic vegetables which will not hurt your budget. You can make quality lunch without meat, but make sure to use few different vegetables in your dish.


Risotto with mushrooms

The first dish is this delicious risotto with mushrooms. For this, you will need white rice, which you have probably somewhere in your kitchen, and nice and fresh mushrooms. Preparation for this meal is around 20 minutes, and the cooking no more than 30 the minutes. This is also a nice healthy meal, so if you are eating healthy, you can go wrong with it. You will also need:

–    One tablespoon of oil

–    One onion

–    Seasoning (salt, pepper, curry, and other spices that you like)

Chop one onion and fry it in the pan for few minutes, then add mushrooms and let it cook for 5 minutes. After that add rice and water, but try not to stir it often. After 20 minutes your dish is done. You can even pack up the lunch with you to go.


Tomato soup and grilled cheese

This is one of the classic meals for a little money. You wouldn’t spend much, but it will be one of the most nutritious meals you had. For grilled cheese you will need:

–    Bread, use many slices as you want, depending how many sandwiches you want

–    Cheese, it is better to use sliced

–    You can add lettuce, fresh tomato, bacon

Just make the sandwiches and put them in the pan, until cheese is nice and melted and the bread is brown and crispy. After you are done with them you can focus on making tomato soup, for which you will need:

–    Can of chicken or vegetable stock

–    Fresh tomatoes

–    Heavy cream

–    Basil leaves for extra flavor and decoration

Tomato soup

Spaghetti with marinara sauce

Buy spaghetti in the supermarket, but try to make the marinara sauce by yourself. It is very easy to make, and you will need:

–    can of tomatoes

–    One smaller onion

–    Garlic, basil, oregano, salt, pepper

Put all ingredients in a pot, cook it for 20 minutes, and the sauce is done. Boil the water, put spaghetti in for 10 minutes, and your dish is done.

Spaghetti with marinara sauce

Cooking tips for Christmas breakfast

Cooking tips for Christmas breakfast

It is finally that time of the year that all of us look forward to – Christmas. You want to make nice and tasty breakfast for your family when you seat down to eat finally all together. When you have in mind that you need to start cooking for big Christmas lunch, it is best to keep breakfast simple and with little as possible dishes. We will give you few easy and delicious Christmas recipes for breakfast which will not take a lot of time, but everybody, in the end, would be happy and full.


Christmas pancakes

Christmas pancakesIt is best to keep it simple and use only ingredients that you have in the kitchen. Make sure to make something you know your kids would like. So our suggestion is an all-time favorite- pancakes. You can make and decorate them in Christmas spirit, using shapes like reindeers, snowman, Santa Claus, possibilities are endless. You can even invite your kids to help you; this can be a fun activity for them, and quality family time. There are so many different flavors you can use but maybe is best to play it safe and go for chocolate pancakes.

There is always an option to buy pancake mix, which you can find in almost every store today, or you can make it by yourself using the following ingredients:

–    Flour, use 1 and a half cups

–    Baking powder

–    Little bit of salt

–    1 tablespoon of white sugar

–    2 cups of milk

–    2 eggs

–    And for the extra flavor use melted butter

–    You can add coco powder or any other flavor that you like

When you have all the ingredients put it all together in a bowl and mix it. When the mix is ready, just bake it in the pan in any shape that you want. Make sure to put chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top.

This is an easy recipe which will not take a lot of your time, but kids would love it!


Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon and Christmas go so well together. When you think about Christmas cinnamon is the first thing that comes to mind, when we are talking about food.The recipe is not hard to make, and your family will love the scent of cinnamon on Christmas morning when they wake up. Make sure to serve with chocolate milk for that extra flavor. You will feel Christmas in every bite.  You will need:

–    1 cup of milk

–    Butter of course

–    Cinnamon powder

–    Baking powder

–    2 tablespoons of sugar

–    Little salt

–    2 cups of flower

–    1 egg

Cinnamon Rolls

You probably have all of these ingredients in the house, so it wouldn’t be a trouble to make it. Just mix all together and put it in the baking pan, and then in the oven for 45 minutes at 200C. When they are done, let it cool a little bit, and serve it to your family.